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Our Life is about Emotional Intelligent choices as a result of critical thinking and reasoning.  To achieve success and Purposeful Excellence in your personal and professional life, you must identify and embrace your true Life Purpose that becomes the foundation for your core belief system and life-time goals.  We all have a Spiritual Proposition that defines our ultimate outcome as a result of our own limitation.  What are yours?  At the Institute for Purposeful Excellence, we help you and/or your team to identify, manage, and remove limitations and replace with knowledge, skills, identified strengths and processes through effective consulting psychology methods, cognitive life coaching practices, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) training that influence behavior to achieve success and purposeful excellence. - Dr. Jon G. Hartman

** Our Value Propositions **

  • Life Coaching

    Identify what your true purpose is in life and live it FULL OUT!  Get direction and guidance to map out your personal GPS Life Plan that will prepare you for the success and joy that you desire with relationships, finances, health, wellness, career, purpose, passion, spirituality, family, and friends for the rest of your life. Purposeful Excellence comes...

  • Leadership Coaching

    Become and/or improve your success of being a strategic leader for your team or organization.  Learn to engage in the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and initiate change for a viable future for your organization through planning for future sustainability, growth, and transformation for the purpose of the..

  • Business Consulting

    The startup of every new business is very exciting and it has challenges as any existing business trying to grow or maintain their market share position.  To be competitive and profitable, your organization must have and execute an ironclad value proposition that is known by your customers and feared by your competitors.  You can “Win-When” ... 
  • Training & Motivating 

    The ultimate purpose to provide training for employees is to increase profitability on gross earnings as well as operational efficiencies. The employees are the most valuable assets to your organization.  Investing in a human capital training and development  for individuals or teams goes beyond increasing net profits.  Effective personal...

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